Estancia Laguna Verde is proud to announce its new fly fishing destination, Golden Dorado River Cruiser, presenting a unique operation that will blow your mind away and will change the way you pictured Golden Dorado fishing!
As from October 2015, you can be part of this amazing adventure of lodging at our Mother Ship strategically moving up or down the Parana River system targeting the best Golden Dorado fishing while enjoying the friendly and professional first class attention we are known of.
Golden Dorado are, unarguably, among the finest game fish on the planet.
Their striking beauty mixed with their strong, aggressive and acrobatic behavior make Dorado one of the best fly fishing species the world has to offer.
Combine that with world class lodging provided by a full service Mother Ship, with guaranteed mobility to some of the hottest and most remote fishing spots in the Parana River system, gourmet meals served with some of the finest wines of Argentina, top notch hardcore guides, and you have yourself some of the best fishing trips for Golden Dorado money can buy.
Come experience Golden Dorado River Cruiser, the utmost angling experience in the most exclusive set up.