The Golden Dorado River Cruiser was amazing. The staff was great. The food was incredible. The fact that they could prepare meals like that on a boat several miles from any nearby town was truly amazing! I would call the food five-star quality. The fishery is fantastic with lots of fish. Incredible scenery with an amazing variety of birds. Gorgeous sunrise and sunset. Comfortable accommodations and good quality boats and equipment.
I have fished in a number of places, but the River Cruiser rates up there at the top of my list for overall satisfaction!

Tim Moore, USA

“Whatever expectations one might have before making the trip to the Parana River Delta for a week aboard the Parana Gypsy, the reality is even better. It truly is that good as a fishing destination. Superb accommodation, great food and wine, a wonderful team of helpful, experienced people... ...and the fishing, well, it is just terrific, simply superb. Feisty Golden Dorado slashing at streamers and poppers... ...airborne for a good part of the battle... ...a magnificent fly fishing experience. Plenty of other species too. I will be back; that’s for certain. It’s one of the very best trips I’ve undertaken in 50 years of fly fishing.”
Clement Booth, London, United Kingdom